Scott Ryan Fabrizio Forever in Our Hearts

Self Reflection

Old Nabnasset Elementary School, Westford, MA
Scott was getting prepared to apply to several colleges. This was an assignment he had recently completed in school to prepare for the essay portion of the application process. Although he states in this letter that Computer Science was a direction, he told me that he was weighing many possibilities including Drama and Multi-Media.
Scott Fabrizio

I am at a point in my life right now that I never thought I would reach. What used to seem like an unknown world of mystery is now my own. Decisions must be made and goals must be set in order to embark on a new journey called life.

I have many qualities that will determine my future decisions. I believe myself to be an optimistic, trustworthy, sincere person with good leadership skills. While being in two bands, I have learned great social skills and how to communicate with a group of people. These skills are necessary in order to deal with people in the “real world.” I am easy to talk to and I am known for always giving my honest opinion of everything. People appreciate this quality of mine, because they know that if they want advice, I will tell them exactly what I think. I have had a job for about a year that has forced me to deal with all kinds of people. I have learned that if you respect others, they will respect you and vice versa. I feel that dealing with other people has helped me understand myself better.

I am quite optimistic about my future. High school has formed a great foundation of knowledge for me. It has made me a well-rounded person and given me a little taste of everything. The next step is college, where I will focus on one area of study that I have a particular interest in. Right now, I am looking to pursue an education in computer science at college in the Boston area. I feel that this will be a challenge, but it will pay off in the end. Being strong-willed and persistent are qualities that I have now, and I am sure that they will be strengthened as I get older. The more situations I am put in, the more I will learn about how to deal with them next time. I am learning more about myself everyday, which is giving me more confidence in my future. I feel great anxiety about what is in store for me, but I am certain that the best has yet to come.