Scott Ryan Fabrizio Forever in Our Hearts

Special Reflections

Betty Lane
Kevin Galipeau
Scott's very close friend, band mate and next door neighbor composed this poem and honorably read it at Scott's Funeral Service, Thanks Kevin.
Am i staring at time when i stare at the clock?
i can see the numbers changing shape into new numbers...
but they're so slow.
i'm so slow.

you can imagine my face...
that instant when the numbers froze,
as the earth stopped spinning.
i can't exactly capture it,
the feeling that filled me.

like the walls crumbled down
surrounding me in the deepest dark
alone, staring at the floor
as if it was the last thing left to hold me up.
i was dizzy.

you can imagine my face
when i heard his whisper
cut through the darkness
like blazing white light
his voice echoed through my soul.
i felt his brilliance that night.

i was overwhelmed. i could not hide.
i felt so sad. and then i cried.
and while my heart lay open wide,
he saw his chance and climbed inside.

all the pain i feel
he can feel
all the joy i feel
he can feel as well

when i am helpless, wordless, lonely and cold,
i'll let myself get swept away in memories of gold.
my heart will beat forever stronger.
my smile will refuse to hide.
that's just the way he makes me feel...
full of love inside.

now i'll carry on,
and all of you will too.
let him guide you,
and drive you,
and help push your way through.

it's not a time to suffer,
or a time to sit still.
let him inspire you,
and surely he will.

keep your heads up high!
i think that's what he'd do.
and for the rest of your life
let Scott live through you.